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10 steps to create a good screencast

In the past, educational videos were made only by audiovisual professionals. Today if you own a computer screen and a sound input (so basically, most of us), you can create your video yourself. Yet the content quality expectations are getting more and more demanding.

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6 ways to look better on your eLearning video

After seeing how to successfully complete a recording session, now it’s time to take action and go in front of the camera! It’s never easy when it’s not your job, yet if you’re thinking of creating videos to train / communicate / teach, associating a face to a content will motivate your learners. There are a few tricks to optimize your image on the screen without having to turn into Georges Clooney. ;)

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How to record your eLearning video in 10 steps

As you probably noticed, video is a tool becoming more and more common in the education and training environment, and are amazingly efficient! That said, it is still a challenge for many of us to go in front of the camera. Event though we are a teacher or an expert, it can impress the ones who are willing to be part of the digital transformation.

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