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Offer a personalized customer support experience with video

Is there any better explanation than images? We all watched tutorials at one point to answer a specific problem. We want to make a tie knot? There are tutorial videos on YouTube. It’s easy and fast, we do the same manipulation, and we’re ready to go to the wedding.

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Why students should study with video too?

New generations of students have bathed from an early age in the digital, they are “digital natives”. This YouTube generation, which has always seen video as an ubiquitous communication tool, expects education to adapt to these new uses and behaviors.

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Education: The 4 barriers to adopting new technologies in the classroom

New technologies are undeniably present in our daily lives, and can represent a real help for many of our everyday tasks. However, this is not always obvious in the field of education. What are the 4 biggest barriers that education faces in adopting new technologies?

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5 reasons to rent the StudioRoom instead of improvising a home studio

You want to record training videos or courses a little more elaborate than those made on your computer? You want to create a MOOC or a training course? But you do not have the budget or the need to acquire a registration solution in your premises?

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Why don’t we like our voice in video?

At UbiCast when we welcome new members in the team and they start creating tutorials, they always make the same remark after watching their videos “This is my real voice? Isn’t there a problem with the microphone?”

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An interview with Jamespot: how to use video to animate a Corporate Social Network?

A corporate social network is an online platform available to all employees of a company. This virtual place offers to everyone the opportunity to share their knowledge and communicate with their teams instantly.

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Should I have a centralized video database next to my LMS?

A little reminder: What is an LMS?

In information and communication technologies, a learning management system (LMS) is a software that manages a learning process or a learning program.  Wikipedia


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Integrating video with your LMS

Did you know that learning content represents more than a billion YouTube views every day?

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Create a video, share it and engage … from your smartphone

This is no secret, today the smartphone is constantly used to create videos whether by ourselves or by professionals such as journalists or producers of digital content. It’s easy, practical and the rendering can be professional!

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How video can bring your meet-up a step further

Meet-ups are meetings of people who share a particular interest and connect with each other through a social network. Cooking, marketing, politics… the topics are very varied.

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