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Goodbye MediaServer... Hello Nudgis!

Jean-Marie Cognet by:Jean-Marie Cognet on: July 13, 2021

This will be a special summer for UbiCast. With your help, feedback and support, our video platform has become a European Leader in Higher Education! So we went back to the developing tabs and now it is time to share the results with you... Brand new features and a new name are coming: MediaServer is now Nudgis!

Nudgis, inspired by the Nudge

Nudge Theory comes from behavioural sciences and explains that we can influence a user's motivations and decisions through indirect incentives. Our mission at UbiCast is to improve learners' success through video. Our interactive player encourages learners to consult, question and add to the content they are viewing in order to improve knowledge retention. This is why we chose a name that is meaningful and in line with our mission!

5 New Features



A video platform available in 5 languages: French, English, Dutch, German and Spanish.




Automatic chaptering using image recognition.




A brand new cutting edge interface to edit your videos with precision.


photography-photographerAutocam*: the algorithm we developed back in 2009 in our capture boxes is now available on the platform to be applied to any hosted video file! Here's a demo to better understand how it works.


photography-video_albumWebstudio Live* : our self-capture web tool is now capable of broadcasting live, allowing teachers to give classes and communicate to as many people as possible whenever they want and wherever they are!


*available in private beta this summer

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