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Goodbye MediaServer... Hello Nudgis!

This will be a special summer for UbiCast. With your help, feedback and support, our video platform has become a European Leader in Higher Education! So we went back to the developing tabs and now it is time to share the results with you... Brand new features and a new name are coming: MediaServer is now Nudgis!

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The Ultimate Hardware Kit to Take Your Videos to the Next Level

At a time when creating short pedagogical videos is starting to be seen as the right way, I thought it would be useful to share with you some of the best practices I follow.

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6 Tips on How You Should Teach Online

While there is currently no improvement of the health situation globally, it is high time to set the rules —that will make you shine – in the implementation of your online courses.

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Vision CEO – Crisis Management with UbiCast

Times of social crisis like strikes, riots, transport breakdowns threaten how we run our organizations, now we are confronted with a new menace, the Covid-19 also known as Corona Virus.

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Our CEO Jean-Marie interviewed on French TV

Our CEO Jean-Marie has been interviewed by a French TV channel BSmart to introduce UbiCast.

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Educational Continuity: we are doing it together

To exceptional circumstances, exceptional responses. And I use the word “exceptional” for its two definitions: “unusual” and “remarkable”.

At UbiCast, we are very fortunate but also have the immense responsibility to have our solutions at the heart of the educational continuity systems of many Higher Education Establishments. In this article, I will present some examples which are representative and some reflections to “learn” from the situation we are living in, in order to improve video teaching in the future.

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Solidarity Program for our Customers

The situation we are living is exceptional. UbiCast is engaged with its customers and we want to show our solidarity.

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3 things you could be doing with MediaServer

UbiCast’s MediaServer has stood by for years, overshadowed by its big cousins YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion amongst others.  And then the pandemic linked to COVID-19 came upon us…

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Coronavirus, we've got you covered

In the current state of alert we are living. with propagation of viruses and cancelations of large gatherings, classes and activities UbiCast proposes to help you keep in touch with your students in a safe and uniform way.

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Vision CEO: Right on Time !

85% of the jobs of 2030 do not exist today: this figure is quoted in many articles, in all the talks that I could attend recently and which comes from a joint report from Dell and the Institute for the Future, a California based think tank. Somehow this does not surprise me, even if it is shocking information. We then realize the reality of the times we live in. As the recent bad weather in the South of France reminded, climate change is not a dystopian threat that we will never experience in our lifetime. 2030, it’s tomorrow …

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