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7 trends for eLearning in 2020

Based on our knowledge of the eLearning market and feedback from our customers. We have prepared this infographic for you, it will help you have a more clear vision of the challenges ahead and guide your strategic choices. Feel up the form below to download it.

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How to provide a better learning experience with Rich Media?

In this period of digital revolution in education, many of you are asking me the same question. How to offer the best learning experience in your schools and thus benefit from technological advances in this area. The goal is to provide captivating content for demanding learners. Therefore, the school improves the results of its students and remains competitive with other schools.

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Times are changing…

According to 80% of respondents from a panel of 806 executives and decision-makers from 63 countries, Higher Education will experience a disruptive change by 2025.

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3 New plugins for Moodle User

As many of you already know, Moodle is a learning platform designed to provide teachers, administrators and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create personalized learning environments.

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The importance of collaboration in MOOCs

Whether it is in higher education, in the associative or corporate world, MOOCs are today an integral part of the digital transformation and revolutionizes educational activities.

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Offer a personalized customer support experience with video

Is there any better explanation than images? We all watched tutorials at one point to answer a specific problem. We want to make a tie knot? There are tutorial videos on YouTube. It’s easy and fast, we do the same manipulation, and we’re ready to go to the wedding.

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Why students should study with video too?

New generations of students have bathed from an early age in the digital, they are “digital natives”. This YouTube generation, which has always seen video as an ubiquitous communication tool, expects education to adapt to these new uses and behaviors.

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Education: The 4 barriers to adopting new technologies in the classroom

New technologies are undeniably present in our daily lives, and can represent a real help for many of our everyday tasks. However, this is not always obvious in the field of education. What are the 4 biggest barriers that education faces in adopting new technologies?

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5 reasons to rent the StudioRoom instead of improvising a home studio

You want to record training videos or courses a little more elaborate than those made on your computer? You want to create a MOOC or a training course? But you do not have the budget or the need to acquire a registration solution in your premises?

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Why don’t we like our voice in video?

At UbiCast when we welcome new members in the team and they start creating tutorials, they always make the same remark after watching their videos “This is my real voice? Isn’t there a problem with the microphone?”

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