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Offer a personalized customer support experience with video

Laura Schmitz by:Laura Schmitz on: June 20, 2019

Is there any better explanation than images? We all watched tutorials at one point to answer a specific problem. We want to make a tie knot? There are tutorial videos on YouTube. It’s easy and fast, we do the same manipulation, and we’re ready to go to the wedding.

Can this experience be transcribed in the relationship your customers have with your product or service? Yes it is possible and it becomes even a necessity. In the business world, video invades all aspects of communication, it becomes ubiquitous in all phases of the customer journey: from the discovery phase with advertising, to the experience phase with video tutorials and consideration with the video demonstrations.

So concretely, how to offer a personalized customer support experience?

The personalized support ticket:

With video recording tools, it’s very easy to film your screen and record your voice to show and explain a specific manipulation to your user. The service is now more and more individualized and personalized, so it will undeniably be very appreciated by your community,

At first it’s strange to talk to your computer (it’s even weirder to hear your voice once the recording is made), but soon it becomes a habit and especially against the effectiveness of these videos, it has become a must-have.

So how to proceed?

  • Take some notes on what you would like to say in this video (to answer, as precisely and effectively as possible to the problem).
  • Do not hesitate to do some tests before, although it is not a Hollywood production, but an answer that your customer wants.
  • If you are recording your webcam, follow these tips to optimize your image.
  • Make sure all the windows you need are ready on your desktop (opened and logged).
  • Use the WebStudio for easy recording from the MediaServer and benefit from the temporalized video forum to interact with your clients.

For more tips on how to make a screencast, it’s here

And after ? …

Capitalize on your efforts and offer a library of tutorial videos.

Customers are looking for more and more autonomy and flexibility in learning how to use new digital tools. Access to information at any time, on any device, with interactivity features… there is another challenge that most digital companies encounter.

Automated indexing for optimal search:

Centralizing all these videos on a platform and organizing them in chains and sub-channels according to the themes, can be a real time saver in the long term, as much for your support team as for your users.

The MediaServer will allow you to optimize the search with indexing tools, with for example the manual addition of keywords, but also automatically thanks to the character recognition technology. Users can then search for a specific video across the platform or search for a specific moment in a video, through the search engine.

Offer interactivity and personalized follow-up:

The MediaServer has advanced Social Learning features, including a video-synced forum through which the users exchange, contribute or share their misunderstanding. You are then notified in real time and your experts can respond online or contact them directly.

The integration of activities is a great way for you to enrich videos with links to external sites. You have the opportunity to deepen a topic for example, or to redirect to another video related to the one that has just been viewed. You can also correct outdated or false information without redoing the entire video. Your content gains life expectancy and optimizes your precious time!

Other educational activities such as quizzes or surveys are other ways to make viewing interactive.

Here is an example with our own tutorial platform: help.ubicast.tv.

In a few numbers, here our audience’s activity in 2 years:


videos published with an average duration of 3m02


Total hours of viewing by our users


Average reading time in minutes


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