Mastering Memory: 6 Evidence-Based Techniques for Effective Study Recall

In the pursuit of academic success, mastering memory is a crucial key to unlocking the door to effective learning. In this article, we explore proven strategies grounded in scientific research to enhance memory retention. Whether you're a student pre...

Integrating video with your LMS

Jean-Marie Cognet by:Jean-Marie Cognet on: September 10, 2018

Did you know that learning content represents more than a billion YouTube views every day?

Integrating video with your LMS, to take the most out of your teaching programs

There’s no doubt that video is an essential component of every forward-thinking university’s pedagogical strategy. However, integrating video content with an existing Learning Management System presents a challenge for many higher education institutions.

With our partners Sony we’ve been examining the vital role of video in enabling richer teaching and collaboration.This webinar is an essential viewing for anyone who’s serious about reaching today’s video-focused audiences.

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