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Should I have a centralized video database next to my LMS?

Laura Schmitz by:Laura Schmitz on: September 21, 2018

A little reminder: What is an LMS?

In information and communication technologies, a learning management system (LMS) is a software that manages a learning process or a learning program.  Wikipedia


These systems allow to create training courses composed of eLearning modules. They offer many educational tools such as evaluations, exercises or discussion forums … It is an excellent support to complete a Blended Learning strategy.

There are many well-run LMS platforms that offer many educational innovations to deepen online learning.

But what about the content that make up these courses? Have you taken the time to create training videos and tutorials but you do not have a real platform to centralize and manage them? We will see why it is essential to have a video platform to manage and secure your videos next to your LMS.


For better safety

If your videos are published on online platforms, like YouTube, unfortunately their rights no longer belong to you. For internal training videos, paid courses or tutorials on your products that have not yet come out it be a real problem of confidentiality. Private hosting platforms are a good way to keep track of the content you have taken the time to work for your organization.



For a better organization

Having a large amount of unclassified content can quickly become a real headache and slow you down in creating your eLearning courses. A video platform will give you the opportunity to organize your videos by channel and sub-channel, and have excellent visibility on the different processes you want to create.

The ability to search by keyword videos is also a huge time saver for finding the video you need to create your online training program.



To offer innovative learning tools to your learners

Some platforms offer the possibility to enrich your videos. For example, you can categorize your videos and improve the experience of your users, especially for long videos: they can go directly to the part that interests them.

You can also let your audience comment, indicate a misunderstanding, share their experience, report a technical problem, take private notes, enrich the content with links, videos or documents … All features of Social Learning that engage learners in their training and improve the online learning experience.



To extend the life of your content

The enrichment possibilities mentioned above will also allow you to give a second life to certain contents. The law evoked in your content has changed? The software mentioned is not the same anymore? There is an error in the discour? You no longer have to make your video all over again, you just have to report the change by commenting. Either the information appears in full screen and the learner can not override it, either the information is available next to the video and your audience has the update of the content in parallel of the images.

You have a LMS of thunder but no way to manage your content and enrich them? Do not wait any longer, use a smart video hosting platform.

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