Why use video for onboarding?

62m9xquGCjF5u“Onboarding, also known as organizational socialization, refers to the mechanism through which new employees acquire the required knowledge, skills, and behaviors to become effective organizational members and insiders.”(thank you Wikipedia) Why is this step so important? Because it allows the ne new employees to be operational faster and to have a good first experience within the company, which will make them want to stay professionally involved longer.

An Aberdden survey (conducted in 2013) proved that 80% of the new employees make the decision to stay or not during the first 6 months in the company. So now, why is video the perfect tool for this crucial steps? This is the question we will be answering here.

Two aspects are essential for a successful onboarding: first the transmission of corporate culture and second the transmission of technical skills. I am not a human resources specialist, so I will not advise you on the first aspect but I can surely enlighten you on the technical part. Our UbiCast clients use video as the main tool for onboarding, strong of our experiences with these companies, here some useful tips:

Why video as a tool for onboarding?

First, there are many reasons to modernize the onboarding process, the main ones are:

  • Reduced training costs.
  • Coherence in training activities.
  • Increased chances of acquiring knowledge for employees.
  • Employee engagement from the first day.
  • Reduced turnover of new arrivals.
  • Integration of new information at its own pace.


I. Improving the impact of trainings

Getting into a new environment is a situation that already takes a lot of energy, so remembering new technical information is often a real challenge. Studies show that 30 minutes after a classical training 58% of the information will be remembered, and 7 days later new employees will remember only 35%. 6 months later, trainees remember 10%

Video can help remember new concepts more effectively and in more detail than a training with only texts as support.
Visual memory is more stimulated, the interactive features (possible with comments, QCMs, surveys or other …) help the audience to be concentrated.


In addition,  videos are integrated into a video platform organized with a keyword search engine, making it easier for employees to find a specific content. It’s always easier to search by keywords, rather than open a large textbook written in tiny characters (and let’s be honest, that you’ll never open).




II. Video can reduce training costs

Not only does the video help retain the knowledge gained during the training, it also reduces its costs. Many companies dedicate most of their training budget to traveling costs. Video is the way to remove these costs with the ability to train remotely. As the expert is the source of the video, the content does not lose in quality and the comments allow to be available in case of incomprehension.


pexels-photo-297648-800x535III. La vidéo assure une cohérence dans l’onboarding de tous les nouveaux employés

Pour les grandes entreprises ou les structures dispersées géographiquement, la cohérence est souvent un défi : l’expérience des employés peut varier en fonction du lieu et de l’équipe disponible. La vidéo permet de mettre tous les nouveaux employés sur un même pied d’égalité.


IV. Video helps employees to feel integrated from the first day

This is a very important point linked to the transmission of corporate culture. It is a delicate process where presentations of the team and company, product demonstrations, explanations of benefits… and much more must be explained clearly with the language of the company. The advantage of video is that it can cover all these aspects even if a part of the team is not available or abroad.


As organizations seek to align talent and position themselves competitively, it is now more important than ever to establish an effective onboarding process. Today with the right tools, video can be integrated into your organization very easily.

Don’t lose more time, integrate video in your onboardin strategy! Don’t miss our next articles to come about “How to use video for onboarding“.

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