7 Questions to Ask Yourself for Choosing the Right Video Hosting Platform

Many video hosting platforms are available today. Depending on how you plan to use it, you will not have the same needs, so some online video platforms have specialized.

In order to choose the right platform, you must first identify the specificities you will need. Here are the questions to ask yourself…

1. Do you have a large amount of content?

The accumulation of hosting platforms: intranet, server, social networks, LMS… can cause you to waste a lot of time when looking for ONE particular content. If you have or plan to produce a lot of content, centralizing them on the same site will give you better control and save time.

To facilitate the search for video or information in a video library, indexing is an important element. The MediaServer offers you a powerful search engine, especially thanks to the OCR.

2. Want to create videos directly from your platform?

Some platforms allow you to create videos directly on your computer by recording your screen, microphone and / or camera.

The MediaServer offers the WebStudio to create videos without installing any software. With one click, create tutorials, presentation videos for your new products, videos to communicate a message to your team…

3. How important is the customization of your videos and platform?

To choose the colors of your platforms, the layout of your videos on the homepage … This type of customization can be an important aspect for your platform. Some offer more advanced customization options.

The MediaServer gives you the ability to customize and organize your videos as you want. You can highlight some strategic content, chapter your videos, add keywords and activities (QCM, questionnaires, surveys).

4. Do you want to use Social Learning in your training?

Social learning

Social exchange is a very effective learning factor. Indeed, comments can represent a real added value for your videos. Comments enrich videos with additional information, or correct facts that have evolved over time.

With the MediaServer comments are highly valued, thanks to features such as sorting comments by categories, the ability to link it to a specific moment in the video, make it visible only to certain users…

The comments can then become a way to enrich your video, without losing control.

5. Do you want to use quizzes / surveys / questionnaires?

In order to ensure that your content has been understood, that your audience is focused or to focus on a specific topic: quizzes / surveys / questionnaires can be very powerful tools.

Engage and evaluate your learners in an innovative way.

6. Do you want to protect your videos?

This may be a real problem if you have confidential information.

If you want to moderate access, you will have to check that your platform manages access to copyright restrictions, to rights management, to SSO access security or even to geographical control …

MediaServer is one of the few platforms to offer the ability to create user profiles and manage moderation by different groups.

7. Would you keep an eye on viewing statistics?

Tracking your statistics can be very useful to measure the relevance of your content.

For example, the audience curve will allow you to see when the attention decreases in a video. You will be able to put your finger on what to improve when recording your next contents.

8. Is advertising important in your strategy?

If you want to monetize your videos through advertising, YouTube is YOUR platform. However, you should keep in mind that your competitors may appear as suggestions or advertisements on your videos.

9. Do you want a permanent deployment?

UbiCast gives you the choice, unlike YouTube, between a fixed deployment or a cloud deployment. By hosting the MediaServer within your datacenter, you maintain control over your content.

10. Do you need a reactive service?

UbiCast is recognized for its highly available and reactive support service, it’s guaranteed that you will be supported very fast and efficiently by the team.

While Youtube specifies in its conditions that its services are not systematically able to honor requests.

"12. Exclusion of Warranties 12.3 In particular, YouTube does not represent or warrant that: use of the Service will meet your needs, your use of the Service will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free, any information you may obtain by using The Service will be accurate or reliable and any deficiencies in the operation or functionality of any software provided to you in connection with the Service will be corrected."

The MediaServer supports you in the development of your communication. The platform has been configured to provide a solid server and track the scalability.

UbiCast offers you the possibility to create, edit and publish videos on one and same platform. The experience is enriched with an innovative video player and many other features to share your videos with ease and security.

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