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How video can bring your meet-up a step further

Laura Schmitz by:Laura Schmitz on: May 23, 2018

Meet-ups are meetings of people who share a particular interest and connect with each other through a social network. Cooking, marketing, politics… the topics are very varied.

It has been several years since the phenomenon arrived in Europe and the craze is still present. Companies are increasingly interested in this format of communication.

Why is this a great idea for businesses or organizations?

Meet-ups are a great way to gain visibility and engage employees on different topics.

You can stay in the areas of interest that directly concern your company, but it is interesting to diversify the topics and offer the choice to your colleagues. They will appreciate to deepen their knowledge directly related to their trade or company, but also to be able to widen their horizons.

A variety of themes and speakers will develop their “soft skills” and will contribute to happiness at work!

Opening your company’s meet-ups to the public can be a great idea. You will be able to enrich your marketing actions and boost your visibility. It will be an opportunity to meet your customers or prospects or to test your products …

If you have a content marketing strategy, this may be a good way to make your expertise accessible to the entire ecosystem that surrounds your business. Meet-ups are a great way to create a loyal community and strengthen your position as an expert in your field.

How to get the best with the video?

Organize a meet-up that takes time and a lot of organization … The video is the ideal way to optimize these efforts.

Recording in video your meet-ups enriches the sharing experience. Indeed, this will allow you to centralize the content, and make it accessible to a large audience who wants to see a particular content.

In addition, the topics are often themes that lead to a dialogue or debate. Most of the time the audience wants to ask questions, share their experience or enrich the content of the conference with their own experiences. Q and As sessions are often organized during the meet-ups, but after the event there is no way to continue this conversation. Unless… you recorded your meet-up on video! Your audience, present or not, can then interact through the video content, a mini forum synchronized and integrated to the video.

It’s also a great way to maximize your visibility by using these videos in your communication. You can integrate them into your blog posts to enrich a topic, create communication campaigns or emails related to the topic exposed.

Finally, video recording will allow you to extend the life of your meet-ups. If some information changes or is wrong in the content, just leave a comment at the right moment in the video. No need to do it again!

An example: OCTO Technology

OCTO Technology is a consulting firm and IT realization. The company organizes meet-ups under the name “BoF” for birds of a feather, birds with the same feathers.

Topics covered are mostly on:

  • a mission capitalization
  • a technological or methodological watch topic
  • a personal initiative
  • a publisher debate

A facilitator intervenes and brings some of the knowledge to facilitate the debates.

Here is an example of BoF:

To see more of OCTO Technology’s BoF: https://tv.octo.com/channels/#bofs

For further information

If you want to find meet-ups corresponding to your interests, the site Meetup.com will allow you to access many meetups regardless of the theme that interests you or the region where you live.

If you want to organize a Meet Up, here are some practical tips.

And if you want more information about the powerful Rich Media tools for your videos, here it is!

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