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How to use video for onboarding?

Laura Schmitz by:Laura Schmitz on: August 16, 2017

We saw in the previous article why video is a great onboarding tool. Now let’s see how to use it to welcome your new employees in the best conditions.

How do companies use video for onboarding?


I. To introduce the company’s culture

The vision of the company, its mission, where it comes from and where it wants to go…

Directly giving a context and some basis about the culture of the company is an excellent way to engage new employees and to create a feeling of involvement quickly.


II. A welcoming message from the managers and the CEO

Especially if it’s not possible to meet face-to-face with supervisors during the employee’s first few days, a welcome message is a good way to establish a positive first contact.


III. The organisation processes

Clarifying the overall functioning of the company and explaining how each department is organized will help employees understand how the company works more easily.



IV. Services and products demos

The video makes it possible to involve experts who are not always available to give face-to-face training. That is why detailed demonstration videos made by experts are a great way to bring employees in effectively. They can see and review the video in case of misunderstanding.


V. The acquisition of job specific knowledge

Experts and / or superiors related to the newcomer’s position can instill their knowledge easily with video. It allows to review the more technical aspects and to stop at the moments that require more concentration.



VI. The company’s added values

It is not always easy for newcomers to discern through this large amount of new information, what are the value added of products / services offered by his/her new company. A video is a good way to point out the most important ones.



VII. Comparison with the competition

We know that the competitive environment is an essential point for every employee. Here the approach in video allows to look at a wide range of competitors and be concrete by showing examples of their solutions.



VIII. The internal training processes

Each company has its own training systems: eLearning programs, face-to-face training, other optional courses… How to access them, how to know if they are eligible or how to register… that may be of interest to new employees.



IX. Roleplay and coaching videos:

Video situations can be a good training tool. For example, for sellers, videos of different types of client can enable them to analyze the different types of possible interactions and outcomes. Coaching videos can help newcomers feel supported and advised when they arrive.

conference-blueX. Conferences and events

Events and conferences serve several essential purposes. Not only does this allow your leaders to share important information to the entire team, it also gives to each employee the opportunity to express and share ideas and experiences.


There are many other possibilities. Video is a great tool that allows to welcome new employees in the team in an interactive way!

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