How to organize your online video platform

You have your videos ready, you downloaded them on your video platform but everything is a bit messy? It’s the moment to step back a moment and think about the organization of your video platform. Maintaining an easy-to-use interface is not hard, you just need to follow a few guidelines.

Managing your videos

Who has not abandoned searching a specific content, because it was too complicated to find? If after checking all the pages and typing keywords, the content still can not be found it becomes a struggle. We all know this frustration! To avoid this, platforms provide functionalities that may seem basic but that can be extremely helpful:

  • The titles:  Choose a short title that matches your content. The risk of giving your video a “catchy title” with sexy terms but not explicitly linked with the video, is to make your video impossible to find for your audience. Try to find generic and descriptive words to qualify each video. Ask yourself: What would I type in the search bar to find this video?
  • The tags & labels: Some platforms offer highly effective tags and labels recognition. Take advantage of it to categorize your videos by thematic, subject and / or audience.
  • The MetadataYou can usually specify the metadata for each video. These metadata define and describe your videos to facilitate search by search engine

Channels are your friends!

Presenting the entire list of your videos without any organisation isn’t going to make you any friends… Your audience wants targeted videos according to their needs & desires, suggestions of videos according to those viewed before, and an easy way to be able to watch them all. Organizing your online video platform goes through a good knowledge of the content of each videos otherwise it will be very complicated to categorize them in different channels.

If you have already established tags, labels and organized your videos, most of the work is done. Once you have selected the videos that will compose your channel, you can illustrate it with a thumbnail. A thumbnail that represents the themed topic can visually help your audience.


We do not jump of joy when we see the beautiful box description to fill and yet it can be very useful. Descriptions of your videos and channels are valuable information for your audience to know what to expect before viewing a video, so they can put favorite channels and find them easily to view it later.

You have all the keys to organize your video platform and make it enjoyable to your audience! You do not have a video hosting platform yet?

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