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Vision CEO – Crisis Management with UbiCast

Jean-Marie Cognet by:Jean-Marie Cognet on: September 18, 2020

Times of social crisis like strikes, riots, transport breakdowns threaten how we run our organizations, now we are confronted with a new menace, the Covid-19 also known as Corona Virus.

man-work-with-mask-400x267These situations force us to think about our business continuity plans because, as the proverb says, “prevention is better than cure”. If we don’t prepare for the worst, our employees won’t be able to work, won’t have access to the right information at the right time, our organizations will be in danger.

At UbiCast, each person is able to work remotely in the event of a crisis. Our developers’ workstations have been replaced by laptops, telephony can be redirected, our servers are redundant and remotely accessible securely.
This way we can guarantee a “seamless” experience for our customers, whatever the situation on our premises.

In addition to the above, we strive to use our own tools so that finally the shoemakers are not the worst dressed! We use our Mediaserver to record and share tutorials for our customers, manipulations that replicate a bug for the support team, or simply internal communications on the progress of our projects. This works particularly well with the video conferences we have for everything that requires “synchronous” video communication.

Whether in the education or corporate world, digital video solutions offer considerable benefits in addition to those of videoconferencing. Some examples :

record video

Record your screen with or without your webcam to send processes, course capsules and information with people at a distance. I personally share a monthly point on our turnover with the team thanks to a recording that I make with our WebStudio. I circulate information efficiently without having to compel everyone to meet on X day at one o’clock.


Invite your team to create their own content at all levels to decentralize production and not create bottlenecks at the level of a central service that would be overwhelmed in times of crisis.


Record your video conferences and then share them again. The application everyone is talking about, Zoom, allows you to record your conference. The UbiCast Mediaserver indexes it and allows Internet users to contextualize it and enrich it to make it alive, useful and perpetuate.

teacher-work-in-remoteVery recently, many of our customers have contacted us anticipating a dramatic increase in the use of our solutions. When a university closes its doors to its students, teachers are asked to come and lecture in front of an empty lecture hall, broadcast live on the internet and record the content for later replay.

Even when the teacher is confined to their home, the asynchronous becomes even more relevant than a virtual class. We record at a convenient time for ourselves, and the student can still consult and learn wherever they want, whenever they want.
These two methods are not in opposition but complement each other wonderfully in order to create a solution to a crisis

Digital content makes it possible to overcome the constraints of space and time. Video is the most popular medium for teaching, training and communicating with your students, your teams and even your customers.

The UbiCast solutions are the perfect fit, so take advantage!


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