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Create a video, share it and engage … from your smartphone

Laura Schmitz by:Laura Schmitz on: June 25, 2018

This is no secret, today the smartphone is constantly used to create videos whether by ourselves or by professionals such as journalists or producers of digital content. It’s easy, practical and the rendering can be professional!

La tendance est réelle : le Mooc de l’année 2018 élu par My Mooc a été produit par l’école des Gobelins et a pour thème : Réaliser des vidéos pros avec son smartphone.

The trend is real: the Mooc of the year 2018 elected by My Mooc was produced by the Gobelins school and has for theme: Making pro videos with your smartphone.

The training and learning world has of course noticed this trend for a while. The video in training is not new either, it has been several years since companies and schools create tutorials and videos to train learners. There are plenty of tips on the internet video, through videos or explanatory articles. So we are not going to get into this field 🙂 

What interests us is why the smartphone is a tool more and more acclaimed for learning and how to use it wisely.

Create a video with your smartphone

phone-case-kapoutThe ability to create videos from your smartphone offers many opportunities for anyone wishing to share their knowledge. Indeed, sometimes we imagine that creating a training video will require as much material and time as making a short film. Here, it will be clearly no longer the case, the smartphone makes the creation of content accessible to all.


This facilitates the creation of video “scenario”, for example to train its salesmen a manager can be filmed by one of his colleagues receiving a client in the shop to show good practices. Or a sports teacher can film himself doing exercises or a warm-up to also provide students with good practices in image.

Your colleagues or learners can thus enhance their knowledge by taking the initiative to share them through the video. We give you some tips here to convince your colleagues to switch to video.

Share it from your phone


Capturing, editing and posting from the field, all this is possible only on the condition of having an internet access.

A site worker can share a security procedure. The possibility of publishing directly on the video platform of its  organization then allows to streamline and accelerate the process of sharing training contents. The video can be emailed directly to a teammate or shared on the company’s social network.

And interact with your colleagues or learners


If your video platform has Social Learning features you can open the dialogue between learners directly from your smartphone. Interactive forums synchronized with the video will provide the opportunity for learners to ask questions about a specific moment, or to share their own experiences.

Video is today the most powerful tool for creating a library of knowledge, and ensuring the transmission of new skills within a company or school. And as we have seen through this article, the tools are now accessible to all, it would be a shame to miss this digital revolution!

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