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How to convince your colleagues to share their knowledge in video?

Laura Schmitz by:Laura Schmitz on: April 19, 2018

As you are often told on this blog, video has become essential in the business world. For internal, external communications, video support or training: it is the tool of choice to engage the team and create a a rich database.

There are many benefits (time saved, better team cohesion, enriched communication), yet many do not dare to take a try.

Here some arguments that should change the mind of your most reluctant colleagues.

No need to be an actor nor a journalist!

No need to be a movie star, here what will interest the rest of the team is the message and not its form. No problem if you have stammered, you are there just to share your knowledge and not make a representation. It has been proven that more attention is being paid when video training is done by people who have good command of their skills and therefore the message, but who are not actors, rather than the other way round.

Never impose

Very important rule: never impose. We strongly advise you to inform your colleagues about the available video recording tools and talk about the benefits of this format … and that’s it. Your colleagues must integrate the idea and decide to do it on their own so that the message remains benevolent and enthusiastic.

Show by the example

Create videos yourself! You certainly have some knowledge to share with the rest of the team: create a simple PowerPoint presentations (or keynote) to present the new communication strategy or announce that the outside afterworks period is open! Your colleagues will quickly want to save time and create impactful messages like yours.

The undeniable argument: it’s a time saver

A communication in image will spare the long emails.  Here the video allows a communication and a transmission of information completely fluid and in a few minutes.

To improve their communication and their image within the company

The communication problem is often the source of great frustration within a team. Creating videos to explain or announce information to your colleagues will always be positively received.

Moreover, putting a face on an information is beneficial for two reasons:

  • humanize the speech with a person influences the retention of attention,
  • and will allow the audience to know who to contact about a specific subject

New tools to make it a breeze

The WebStudio

A simple technology to create videos in a few clicks from your computer.

Know more

The StudioRoom

A room dedicated to video recording. Just press Start!


An interactive player

And Social Learning features. Engage the audience with the opportunity to enrich the video with attachments, links, comments … all synchronized to the video will give a high value to your videos over time.

Encouraging the sharing of knowledge means moving to a more cohesive and effective team. Today companies have very simple tools to be able to do it and to tend towards a movement already well in running: the Employee Generated Content.

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