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How to provide a better learning experience with Rich Media?

Jean-Marie Cognet by:Jean-Marie Cognet on: October 25, 2019

In this period of digital revolution in education, many of you are asking me the same question. How to offer the best learning experience in your schools and thus benefit from technological advances in this area. The goal is to provide captivating content for demanding learners. Therefore, the school improves the results of its students and remains competitive with other schools.

Let’s review the basics together. What is Rich Media exactly?

Interactive media is can be found exclusively on a web interface. It includes formats and interactions, such as video, audio, text, which makes it different from conventional content and drastically increases the attention it produces.

Historically, the first to use Rich Media was the advertisers who used it to make online content more attractive to Internet users. From a more technical point of view, it most often uses Flash or HTML5 technologies.

Now that we have more details, what are the advantages of Rich Media?

Certainly, interactive formats gain more attention and promote the retention of students using the platforms that offer this type of content when they are looking for information. Rich Media stands out because it gives the chance to the university to interact directly with the student by leaving specific annotations on a  video-course or by promoting the question and answer game.

Let’s push this a little further … With this interactive content, we can assume that it will be easily possible to personalize the learning experience for each student and offer him a model that is in perfect harmony with his educational needs. You will have understood the possibilities are numerous and they allow teachers to get out of the “sometimes” rigid framework of certain LMS platforms by giving them great possibilities of personalization on the ways they share their knowledge.

How to include rich media in your eLearning strategy?

stressed teacherOne thing is certain, you will not be able to include Rich Media in your eLearning strategy if you are not equipped with the right tools. Let me explain… Produce and host this kind of media should in no way become a constraint for the teacher or give headaches to the teams in charge of digitalization.

It is therefore important to get a tool that can deliver and integrate Rich Media directly into your courses, conferences, and other pieces of training. I also find that the use of interactive media by Radboud University is an example that speaks for itself. The most important thing is to be able to humanize all your content and put the user at the center of your concerns, ultimately this will improve the overall learning experience of students.

Here’s an example of an enriched video to give you an idea of ​​what’s ahead and the power of Rich Media. On this video you can choose between four different points of view and of course use the sidebar to interact with the teacher.

Click on this icon timeline icon to view the annotations or access at the full video here..

In conclusion, I think that we have not finished hearing about Rich Media and its developments, it could be that it remains a major player to help digital managers and teachers to drive change in their institutions. Not to mention that with the adoption of learning skills and social learning video media have a bright future ahead of them.

If you still have questions, I will be happy to exchange with you and have your feedback so feel free to leave a comment under this article and I will answer as soon as possible.

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