6 ways to look better on your eLearning video

After seeing how to successfully complete a recording session, now it’s time to take action and go in front of the camera! It’s never easy when it’s not your job, yet if you’re thinking of creating videos to train / communicate / teach, associating a face to a content will motivate your learners. There are a few tricks to optimize your image on the screen without having to turn into Georges Clooney. ;)

Record yourself on video: why?

The form is as important as the content, despite what one can believe! Humanizing a course or training video will make the content much more impactful for your audience. Indeed it has been admitted that 80% of the communication is non-verbal. Your gestures, your voice, your face expressions are all aspects that can attract the attention of your learners. Especially since memory is more stimulated when an emotion is associated with an information. A nice idea will never come out if it is not expressed in a nice way.

So how to put all the chances on your side?

Record your eLearning video : 6 ways to look better

  • Anticipating lighting: Light can magnify like spoiling clichés, it’s well known! This applies also to videos, without deploying professional hardware, make sure with the means you have that your image will not be too dazzled or too dark. You can position yourself in relation to the sun, play with the lighting of the room. Choose the right moment of the day, it’s better in the morning or in the early evening so there is not o much light. You should not be facing the sun, to avoid squinting (and looking like a mole coming out of its hole).
  • Dress well: When you go to a job interview you are not going in your pyjamas because you want to make a good impression. Here it’s the same, you need to adapt your outfit to your audience. No need to be in a tie suit if you are doing a gardening tutorial. More practical tips: choose clothes that contrasts with the background, and avoid patterns to not blur your image on the screen. Finally, it is important to consider the environment where your are going to record, for example if the shooting is under spotlight, avoid dressing up too hot or you may seem to return from a marathon.
  • Avoid the shining face: To not be confused with a marathoner being interviewed, you can anticipate the shining face. Before the recording, put some cold water on your face or you can even use makeup powder. It is a purely aesthetic aspect but remains in the logic to offer a pleasant image to your audience.
  • Use the non verbal language: Your gestures, your voice, your face are elements to which they will pay more attention than your words, as interesting as they are. Whether it’s your entire figure, your bust or just your face being filmed, do not neglect the non-verbal. Smile and make soft gestures to emphasize important ponts. The little trick is to always start your video with a smile to the attention of your spectators and thanking them for being there.
  • Stay natural: Do you know your subject perfectly? Then there is no reason to be stressed than. Be confident about your work, you are not asked to be an actor but to share your knowledge. Practice some time in front of the camera to become familiar with the exercise, and get started. You stuttered? Forgot a sentence? Go on as if you were in front of a real audience. Your audience will appreciate your natural attitude and will be more comfortable watching your videos.
  • Enjoy what you do: Because your audience will feel it and will be happy to follow your videos. Smile, show that you are happy to share your knowledge, this will put you in a positive state of mind and will help you take on your speaker role more easily.
To sum up, remember that appearing on your video, following the few tips listed, will only make your video more impactful. No acting skills or film sets required. A good light, an adequate outfit, a positive attitude will allow you to retain your learners’ attention efficiently. Your audience will be looking forward to seeing your next videos!

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