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10 tips to record yourself with a webcam

Laura Schmitz by:Laura Schmitz on: November 22, 2017


Your eyes and the webcam should be at the same level

Many do not change the place of their computers. This is a mistake because the desktop is usually situated too low. This way, you only film the ceiling and your face is seen from the bottom which is not the most flattering.

I advise you to raise your computer with a box or a few books. Also do not put it too close to your face, to evaluate a good distance count an unfolded arm between your screen and your eyes.



The light is essential

Who has not already watched videos where the person is half hidden by an annoying twilight, it is really annoying because we want to see the face of the person who is talking “to us”. The webcams’ sensors are very small, so a lot of lighting is needed to ensure that the image is captured clearly.

During the day, try to face a window and if the sun dazzles just pull the curtains. In darker rooms, it is necessary to increase the brightness of your screens to the maximum and if possible to add a light in front of you.


Talk watching your camera

To give your audience the impression that you are talking directly to them, it is highly recommended to watch the webcam and not the screen. Otherwise your viewers will feel that you are dealing with something else and their interest can quickly evaporate.



Pay attention to your appearance

As you know, we will only see the top of your body. If you are at home, you will be tempted to stay in your pajamas. To ensure a professional image, take care to dress neatly, to look after your face and your hair as you can usually do to go to work.


Avoid wearing too colorful outfits

Your webcam will play on the contrasts to ensure that the image is captured well. So if you put a very red, very black or other strong color tshirt, the webcam will make your face appear very pale to balance the colorful effect. It is advisable to wear pale or clear t-shirts.



Pay attention to the reflections of the glasses

If possible, avoid wearing glasses, and opt for lenses. Indeed the glasses can reflect your screen or the outside light and thus hide your eyes. What we do not want, because your audience wants to feel as you are talking to them, if they don’t feel like it, they might lose interest quickly.



Pay attention to your background

Keep your work environment clean. If you want to film a serious and / or professional subject, you will need to make sure that nothing too personal is in the webcam’s field. A poster, photos, toys, game consoles, your cat…

Put all this in the closet for now (maybe not the cat eh).




It is essential to have a good audio

The audio is as important as the image. Make sure the sound is clear. Do some tests before you start recording your video, this will prevent you from starting over a recording a few times.



Simplify the configuration of your webcam

Create a special configuration that you will only have to select to shoot directly. You will save a lot of time with pre-recorded profiles depending on the type of environment you are in. If you can stay in the same type of room for your video recordings, the problem of configuration will no longer arise.


If needed, purchase a new webcam

You have followed all these tips and made all the settings possible but the result does not satisfy you? You should invest in a new webcam, you can find good ones starting around 20$.

Our team recommends these webcams with a good quality / price ratio:

You now have all the tips for creating your eLearning videos yourself. If you are looking for a recording tool, UbiCast offers the WebStudio to create in a few clicks a video from your computer.

For more tips on screencast recording, check out this article: 10 Steps to Create a Good Screencast.

Do not miss the video revolution, sharing knowledge has never been easier than today.

Here infographics to sum up



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